Customs Clearance Agents – JB International Services;


We are a small independent company and cater for all imports and exports, large or small. We work in conjunction with some of the worlds largest shipping companies and are respected throughout the country for our Customs Clearance Agent expertise. The staff has been hand picked because of their experience within their particular fields and have gained much experience by working in a close-knit logistical team.

With such vast experience in the shipping industry we have built up a very good working relationship with Customs Officers in Dublin Airport and Dublin Ferry Port alike.

Gerry Bradshaw

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

What makes us special?

Customs Clearance Agents:

  • Our area of expertise is Customs Clearance to any Port in Ireland by air or by sea.
  • We have our own account with Customs and Excise which makes it easy for our customers to make online transfers if they wish.
  • We calculate duty and Vat payable to Customs and Excise and prepare and submit all documentation to ensure quick and easy customs clearance.
  • Our staff members are extremely well trained and are well informed in continuous changes from both Customs & Excise and The Revenue Commissioners.

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